Akshardham Delhi is the largest Hindu temple complex in the world

Akshardham temple Delhi was built in 2005 and immediately entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest Hindu temple in the world. Akshardham New Delhi epitomizes 10,000 years of Indian culture in all its thrilling grandeur, beauty and wisdom. It shows the essence of India’s ancient architecture, traditions and timeless spiritual messages.

It combines the mix of architectural styles from different parts of India. Akshardham temple Delhi completely built of Rajasthan pink sandstone and Italian marble, and is not supported by any by concrete or metal materials. At the base of the temple around the perimeter of the smaller statues were placed 148 elephants weighing 3,000 tons.

Akshardham New Delhi complex was built in just five years, thanks to the enormous efforts of 11,000 artisans and thousands of volunteers. The statue of Bhagavaana Swaminarayan height of 3.4 m can be seen under central dome. It is surrounded by corresponding statues of the teachers of this faith, made of five metals in accordance with Hindu traditions.

Akshardham New Delhi was opened 6th of November in 2005 year

There are three halls on the territory of Akshardham Delhi: Hall of values, a cinema and a musical fountain, where you can take a boat ride. In the first hall tells about the revered ideals, such as spirituality and non-violence, honesty, family harmony. In the cinema you can watch a movie about Nilkanthe. He is 11 years of age after the death of his parents went to travel for searching answers to the eternal questions, which then became the basis Hinduism.

The last room Akshardham Delhi you can take a boat trip length of 10 000 years of cultural heritage of India. The boat ride is on the artificial river. Visitors sit in specially designed boats in the form of a peacock. Narayan Sarovar is the lake that surrounds the main monument. Garden of India, also known as Bharat Upavan. The garden is a bronze sculpture of personalities who contributed to the Indian culture and history, including Mahatma Gandhi.

Akshardham temple Delhi this is a grand architectural marvel

In Akshardhame located scale research center. It operates an extensive library. There is a scientific archive and educational sector. The center opened various exhibitions. The interior is decorated in white marble. Outside the temple dressed in pink stone. The snow-white marble symbolizes purity. Pink stone symbolizes a comprehensive love of God.

The huge temple complex is located on an impressive area of 12 hectares on the banks of river Yamuna. The unique architecture amazes all tourists with its unusual beauty Akshardham is surrounded by artificial water channels. You can even go for a swim in the boat and enjoy the majestic buildings from an unusual angle. Visit to the fascinating Akshardham is an unforgettable journey into the mysterious world. Man-made architectural marvel admire their shapes and design. The temple complex is open for you a completely different mysterious India.

Stroll through the territory of the Grand Akshardhama. Visit the modern temple complex where you will imbue reigning harmony and peace. India presents many opportunities to experience an unforgettable impressions and peace. This is an amazing country, so we advise you to definitely visit this complex.

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