About Indian elephants did not hear the child

But we would like to expand your knowledge in this area, because if you are gliding a ride to India, you will apparently have to face, so to speak, person to face with the mammals, and if not in the wild, so to domesticated individuals. Many of us know that they are the great animals on the sphere, and that they are somewhat similar to mammoths – the form of their ears sharpened, and they pull down. In addition, male elephants have fangs solid – the length of an middle of 1-1.5 meters, weight – 15-25 kg. True, there are the elephants without tusks, they live in the east of India, and the local population calls them Makhno.

In the past wild elephants in India lived almost all above the country, but now only the east and south. India elephant is found also in other countries: Thailand, Burma, Nepal, as well as on the isle of Sumatra. In the last 20 years to reduce the number of these animals. The reason is simple – expanding farmland, and the elephant is simply nowhere to live. In India there Uttar Pradesh – here at all, it was the mostferal elephants in the best of times their number of passes for a few thousand. But today there are about 400, and all across the country – not more than five to seven thousand. Indian elephants prefer to live in the wood forest. Best of all, these animals feel light, with a massive shrub understory forests. And if recently elephant India herds went quietly in the savanna (most often in the cold), but now it is probable only in protected reserves. For all other territory it turned into a field where always something is grown. In the summer, elephants love to climb high into the mountains, sometimes reaching features of permafrost.

Hold India elephant in herds of 15-20 individuals. It is notable that the main is old female – she is subject to all the flock.

Readable facts about the pregnancy of elephants and their young. The longest period of gestation in mammals pertain to the elephant – 20-22 months, for almost two years. “Baby” India elephant is born with a weight of 70-90 kg, and moiety an hour after birth can move independently with the herd. The female victual her baby milk from a portion to five years, hinge on the living conditions and quality of food. It is readable that he does not come favorable conditions for a new pregnancy, the female elephant India will feed her milk. A childbirth, on average, may be once for two to nine years. Until there comes a new pregnancy, baby stays with the mother (on average, the period of four years).

The park Addo, who is in South Africa, conducted a study of elephants in India, which showed that more than 95% of mature females or are “in position” or nurse their babies. Directly during the copulation season is not associated with the seasons. Males at this time is enough dangerous, and there have been process that have attacked humans. At this time, from a special gasket which is disposed in the male between the ocular and ear, the liquid outlet black – secret attracts females.

The life of the elephant India is 60-70 years old, while he becomes sexually mature 8-12 years.

The elephant is the symbol of India. It also represents prudence, wisdom and strength. Indian elephants are habitual in ceremonies and national holidays. Many people somehow believe that elephants in India are afraid of mice, supposedly they can get to them in the trunk. This is far from the truth. The depth of the air stream, which blows from the elephant’s proboscis is huge, it is easy to envision what will develop with the mouse, if the exhalation from the animal to the ground fly stones.

Indian tourists bring all the numeral of elephants, made of different materials: wood, glass, ceramics and clay, plastic, and even ivory! Treat yourself and your loved ones in this show. We trust our information has become an interesting and informative for you.

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