Mysore Palace is truly magnificent building that was preserved for many centuries

Legendary Mysore Palace is located in Mysore, in the southern Indian region of Karnataka. This palace is one of the most sights royal buildings in India. When visiting this palace one can feel its energy. This is one of the most improbable sights of India. It was the main residency of the Maharaja of Mysore that the ruled by state from 1350 to 1950. The three-storey stone built a masterpiece of fine gray granite, with dark pink marble domes and fa├žade with wide arches and tall columns.

Also it should be noted the graceful arches and massive pillars, that perfectly complement the architectural composition. On the palace architecture has influenced the history of India. Many people believe that it one of the most dazzling palaces in the region. Even a cursory glance at the photo enough to appreciate the grandeur of the construction. But most importantly the splendor of the palace is hidden directly behind its walls, where you can see 18 temples and a few luxury halls for ceremonial events. Interior richly decorated with stained-glass mirrors, windows carved wooden doors and mosaics. Here everything is done on a large scale.

Palace of Mysore is surrounded by a large garden and every year attracts more than 6 million visitors. Mysore Palace is especially captures the spirit during the weekend, when it is illuminated with the help of 100,000 lights. This evening lighting highlights its majestic profile. Mysore Palace was built in middle of the fourteenth century, but is now only memories remain from the original construction. The thing is that the palace was destroyed and reconstructed several times. At the end of the 19th century there was a strong fire, after which the original building was agreed once again rebuild. The works were finished in 1912, so for more than a century, the complex did not change their appearance.

Palace of Mysore is located in the heart of the city of Mysore and can serve as its calling card

In ancient times, in the south-western part of the India was located principality Mysore. The capital of this state was Seringapatam. A well-known kingdom was due to the heroic opposition of the British colonization, which lasted for forty years in the four Anglo-Mysore War. Mysore was the last Indian principality which lost its independence and had to join the East India Company.

Indian authorities have decided to make an object free for visit. The palace is open for visitors and sightseeing tours are offered daily. Visitors see a fine collection of paintings, sculptures and artifacts, including a collection of weapons Mahara. A unique collection of stores hundreds of copies, machetes, guns and other weapons of the 14th century.

As in any palace in Mysore palace has a hall for private audiences. This room is used for meetings of the ruler and his ministers, as well as for receptions visitors that worthy of special attention. Meeting Hall in the Palace served for the reception by the King of the population in a strictly allotted time.
Autumn festival in Mysore, at which time the Palace has become one of the main venues for the celebrations. On the area set the scene where local actors appear before the footlights not only on the weekends, but every day. The festival is celebrated on a large scale since 1799.

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