Poona in India, all the fun is here

Poona India is located above sea level 457 m and is the second greater city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is situated in the Deccan, in the north-western part, at the conjunction of two rivers Mula and Muthi. A large, evolving in different industries the city, those as: chemical, paper, light industry and machine building. Also developed industry, where is Poona in India is rich and educational institutions, there are several existing universities.

At a spacing of one hundred and fifty kilometers away is Mumbai. Near the city is the airport from which flights are committed not only to domestic airlines, and flights to European countries. Railways connect Poona with most major cities in the country. Modern multiband highway built in the last decade, the city is bound with many cities of India, reducing travel time by almost two hours. The city built the subway.

Climate Poona India

The climatic conditions where is Poona in India – a tropical humid climate, the average temperature diapason from twenty to thirty degrees Celsius. As well as all over India, in Poona – only three seasons: from November to February – cool, that is “Winter”; from March to May – the summer heat; and from June to October – the rainy season.

Historical information about Poona, Maharashtra, India

The backward of this city is very old. More than two thousand years ago on the site appeared the first settlements. Between the starting of the Hindu city prospered, Poona was the main city of the Maratha principalities, then a military fortress, from 1820, when the British have organized themselves Bombay branch of the military headquarters, and later the center of the revolutionist struggle for a variety of social transformation. Naturally, any of these times put your fingerprints on the pattern of the city and its history. Many feature in the city talk about their stage of development. British preserved buildings, among them – Deccan College.

Today Poona India – is, above all, the world famous city – Resort Osho – Center meditation and relaxation, which is a huge complex, located nearly fifty acres of land covered with beautiful lush forests and flowering shrubs. It calls this place – Koregaon Park. It is planning this resort as a place of rest of the Indian high-ranking nobility and British aristocrats, but today Poona is deservedly carries the title of an international center where the dream to get thousands of people wanting to learn a new style of life, full of power and a feeling of liberty and happiness. Meditation Center sentence a variety of programs that are destined specifically for people who come to Poona.

Meditation Resort, where is Poona in India

In Poona, and come in order to visit the resort – meditation, or as it is called – The municipality of Osh. You need to know some rules when visiting the meditation center. If you intend to stay here longer than that provided by the usual tour, accompanied by a guide, you should stock up with two passport photographs, and carry a medical certificate confirming the negative result of the test for AIDS. Otherwise – you will be capable to pass it in the local clinic, Ashram, Osho (Osho Meditation Resort).

The founder of the Ashram – Bhagwan Rajneesh, since 1974 began to preach “the idea of emancipation” of all the benefits of civilization and traditional concept about the world and the significance of life. He actively promoted in the West’s own way to supreme enlightenment by “dynamic meditation”, allowing to clear the mind from all sorts of stereotypes. Such an enlightened consciousness occurs as a outcome of deliberately caused ecstatic states and the rejection of all social taboos. Since 1980, he created and led them to the Osho Ashram.

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