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Simply unforgettable for you will stay in India. In this country, you will feel a particle of world harmony and plunge into the atmosphere of oriental beauty and tranquility.
Holiday packages Kerala are an excellent choice for the traveler. Country surprises for its exotic customs and traditions. Pleases every vacationer azure ocean, where you can swim in all the year round. You only have one time to visit this wonderful country, to understand that the rest of India – is a journey into a fairy tale.
The most extraordinary beauty of the place is Kerala. On the map of the country this narrow strip of land can be found in the south-west. This resort is elaborate one of the ten heavenly place on our planet. That is why tour packages in Kerala attract vacationers. If you choose to relax Kerala, you will enjoy magnificent beaches. This is a great resort area with its historical and cultural heritage, beautiful nature and a great climate. It is here Christopher Columbus in his historic journey. In modern Kerala can see Christian, Buddhist and Muslim temples. There is also a unusual Chinese fishing nets, the Dutch forts, European-looking houses. Despite the impact of the different people, Kerala has kept its uncommon culture and rich historical memorial. The most popular art of Kerala are the folk dances. Since ancient times, the people of Kerala danced for their gods, the patron saint of the village – to protect, god of the sea – for successful trading, the patron saint of land – for a good harvest.

Spend your vacation thanks tour packages in Kerala

All the beaches in Kerala public and free are usually small. In some areas, the sea is choppy and swimming there is unsafe. But near many hotels have a lagoon, on the far side of which – a clean, beautiful and serene beach. Guests to carry on the boats.
The Kerala Ayurveda effective treatment is carried out. According to tradition, Ayurveda appeared in the world before man, and its god was the creator of the world, God Brahma. In addition, the southern state of this exotic country is very developed in social terms. It is peaceful and clean. Kerala cuisine is not as abundant pepper and chili in neighboring states. As a rule, they are prepared with the addition of cardamom, ginger, garlic and cinnamon. Residents of this state adore seafood and perfectly cooked shrimp (in coconut chips or milk) and fish, vegetables, almost do not eat bread (only rice).

Where the state of Kerala on map

The state is separated into three main regions, in terms of geographical location: in the east of the hill, hills in the center and a flat plain on the coast of the western part. Kerala on map is the smallest state of India. From the area of India – Kerala on map occupies only 1%. Visit the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum. He is considered one of the most excellent cities of India. In this city, you can walk through park alleys, massive buildings, visit the ancient settlements or admire the sea along the coast.
If you like to get up timely, then you will be very interesting to see the Chinese fishing nets. They stand in a place where the river empties into the ocean. Three men, sometimes four lowered and raised into the water a huge network. You can go to the mountains, to get acquainted with village life. Roads in the mountains run through plantations of tea, coffee, spices, elephants can be found along the way. In addition, this path full of cathedrals, churches, temples. The staff, in addition to the ocean, the sea, and many rivers, so visit Kerala port of Cochin. Just need to go to the observation deck. Nice view of the dam, the city and the nearest peaks.
South Indian state of Kerala “God’s country” and as handsome as a god. Visit Kerala beaches in Kovalam or beach Marari. Your eyes shall be satisfied with the beauty of this state, and under the warmth of the sun and in the shade of palm trees. Kerala is considered to be the cleanest state in India. In the state there is a developed tourist industry: a few airports, hotels de lux. Tour packages in Kerala a place dreamed about you and your family. Kerala is unique and different, I do not believe? Spend a holiday packages Kerala.

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