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2.5 km from one of the contemporary prodigy of the universe, the Taj Mahal, in Agra, the onetime capital of the Mughal Emperor, Red Fort Agra, is so named inasmuch as of the red coloring of the walls and palaces. Almost five hundred years ago, it was built on the cloth of Akbar the Great – one of the most revered leaders ever to reign on the Indian subcontinent.

Red Fort Agra Memorial building, which is inclined in the city of Agra in northerly India – a place where the rules and fell the grand Mughal Empire. Was initially understood as a soldiery fortress in the end on the domain of the fort has many mosques, gardens, palaces and mausoleums.

The first section of the fort began to establish in the outbreak of 1565 the ruler Akbar the Great.

Then the case went grandfather Shah Jahan. Under his leadership, the Red Fort greatly amplified the superficies and increased the diversity of facilities. Rumor has it that the lush gardens – a secret love of Shah Jahan. Some bit later, he produced his son – Aurangzeb. Currently available only for visits to 1/3 of the fortifications. The rest – is reserved for military target.

Red Fort Agra – is the history of three progeny of Mughal, a story of brutal wars, tremendous love, battle for dominion and the depression of a large empire

During the 6 years from the start of structure of the presidio was completely fenced wall, stacked in two rows and a height of 20 meters. The total distance of the fortress walls – 2,4 km about the perimeter. Impregnable fort was considered because its walls were located between the jungle with a fairly aggressive inhabitants – tigers. And the crocodile-infested moat along the exterior wall.

Outside, the whole structure built of purple sandstone with a mixture of marble. And generality of the inner construction, over the reimburse of Shah Jahan, the white marmoreal was used, over which weaved intricate patterns of gold and bijou stones. The highlight is that the entire fort, seen from supra, is shaped like a half moon. On the territory is situated vineyard – Angoor Bagh. It has been grown for the aesthetic pleasure of the imperator who loved daily walks with their squaw and concubines.

By switching the principal of his imperium to Agra, Akbar launched a truly large-scale construction, which India, even with all its centuries-old architectural traditions, have not been known. Construction of the stockade began in 1565, and already in 1571 the citadel was surrounded by a thick wall 21 meters tall and 10 meters broad, encircled by a stone moat. Inside, there are palaces, several mosques, reception rooms, gardens, swimming pools.

A Agra Fort facts expanded and intensified by building several new buildings, and crowned them in the new inherent Shah Jahan, manner

In the first moiety of the 17th century, when the rule the country grow one of the incomer of Akbar, Shah Jahan, who leftward us a “monument to lost love” The Taj Mahal, the capital dislocated to Delhi, where he mount up a Red Fort, not less magnificent and famous than its “big Brother “in Agra.

So currently the Red Agra Fort facts is a powerful fortification, embodied all the best from the monumental fortress architecture that has been known in India at the reason of its construction.

And who made red fort color white and gold marble Shah Jahan, who has spent 20 years as the construct of the nearby mausoleum for his sweetheart wife’s untimely deceased, at the termination of life was dislodge by his child and dungeon in Agra, in the paries of the Agra Fort facts. Here, in the fort, Shah Jahan, and went into another world, having utilized the latter few days in one of the belfry of the stronghold wall in the Jasmine Pavilion, where, at a opinion, had seen his beloved Taj Mahal.

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