Akshardham Delhi worthy of your attention

Akshardham temple in Delhi is on the coastal zone of the Yamuna River in New Delhi and became the new attractions in the capital, attracting tourists. Although it is called a temple, it is not a purely religious overtones, and is plausible to be characterized as a memorial and a prayer hall.
The complex comprise the temple, likewise parks, museum, water channels, which can surface on boats, many cafes and souvenir stores.
Strange as it may sound, Akshardham temple in Delhi – this is one of the newest entertaining centre in New Delhi. The facility of this temple complex was started only in 2000.
The summation buildings is located on an area of 12 acres, it was built 5 years 3,500 7,000 builders and sculptors and artisans. The building is done outside the temple of raw pink (the color of the love of God), and the inward of the white marble (color purity). The building is enormous: almost 45 m high, 100 m long and 95 m in width. It is constructed without the use of mortar and metal compounds. Only the foundation of poured concrete, the rest – in a special way processed marble and granite. Details of stone joined the groove in the slot.

Akshardham temple Delhi- one of the ancient sanctuary in India

The temple has 234 pillars, decorated with images of characters from Indian myths and legends. Around the building there are 148 granite figures of elephants, 45 statuary of animals, as well as nearly a hundred and fifty human figures. Everything is handmade. I can not believe that with such pinpoint accuracy can be masters of all the plans can be realized in stone.
Columns teams, with details not only staged one another: after installing stone details is rotated 90 degrees. And while drawing matched all the smallest details. That’s precision!
Shakes and walls. Everywhere could be seen figures of different sizes, made of stone, from life-size to very small. Every detail is executed with meticulous precision.
Inside the temple, you can see more than 20,000 sculptures, with a three-meter statue of Swaminarayan Hindu god in the center.
Around the temple is a beautiful musical fountains, parks, museum, cafes, shops and a cinema. Also, visitors have the possibility to cruise on a boat on the canals. All of this looks fantastic at night under floodlights.
Near Akshardham temple in Delhi has a beautiful fountain with illumination in the dark, beautiful parks, where you can stroll, cafes and remembrance shops.
Fountains made in the view of a lotus, and in the center of the goblet, the inner walls of which – stage, which can accommodate several thousand people. Canals and lakes around the temple is also the handiwork of man. They are man-made, imported water for them from the rivers from all over India.

Akshardham Delhi is the river Yamuna

Another entertainment in the territory Akshardham Delhi is a enormous theater where you can observe a film about the exciting experience of the boy yoga. In this film demonstrates the holy places of India, a delightful nature of this amazing country, and also highlights the age-old traditions and unique culture of the Hindus.
The church has several museums. One of them is dedicated to Bhagwan Svaminarayanu, who authored the Hindu scriptures. In others, you can explore the fundamental of Hinduism, as well as the huge heritage of Hindu science and culture.
The most available way to get to the church on the subway (Akshardham). Visit Akshardham temple Delhi possible from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8.00 to 21.30.
Entrance fee to the temple par – it is $ 1. Extras fountain show ($ 1.33). Since Akshardham is one of the most spread attractions in New Delhi who want to visit a lot. Consequently, in order to avoid the crowds in the temple allowed small groups (25 people).
In Akshardham temple Delhi banned photography and videography. Therefore, before entering the temple complex of all the things you need, except money and documents left in the storage room.

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