The famous Amber fort Jaipur hides many secrets

Near Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan, is a famous Amber fort India. Its construction was begun Man Singh in 1592, but to complete it during the life of failed. For him, it made another ruler of Rajasthan – Jai Singh I, a descendant of Man Singh. The fort long time the abiding-place of the rulers of the rajaship, and until the reimburse of Sawai Jai Singh II, the fort was the capital of these places.

This fortress-palace is considered a exemplary example of the style of romantic Rajasthani architecture. It was erected on a wide spacious plateau at the foot of the south-west side. On the mountaintop is another fort – Jaigarh Fort, or the Victory, guarding the advances to the Jaipur Amber fort, as well as to Jaipur, located on the other side of the mountain.

Amber fort India situated on a rocky hill hereabout the lake Maota

On the ranges and peaks of the surrounding mountains and hills winds many kilometers wall with high towers, which for hundreds of years sentinel narrowly followed everything that happened in the depths of the trough, snuggled at the foot of the fort.

Amber fort India built Rajputs, who were initially from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh is now, and ruled there for more than 800 years. Due looted during wars they financed the construction of the castle-fortress of Amber, which began in 1592 Maharaja Man Singh, the Rajput supervisor in chief of the army and Akbar. Later, Amber and increased Jai Singh finished before they thrilled to Jaipur, in the plain below. Dominating the gorge, the fort was giving military advantage, but not suitable for the direction of the capital, prepared for him by Jai Singh.

Road to Jaipur Amber fort runs through typical landscapes of Rajasthan, a sun-scorched hills around Lake Maota where on the beach near the water buffaloes lazily lying. Perhaps you will fall on your eyes camel pulling a loaded wagon.

This magnificent castle is more like a city built of pale unusual yellow and pink sandstone and snow-white marble, it is divided into four primary sections, and each has its proper yard. Amber fort Jaipur – a gourmet sample wealth of the Maharajas: artists, exiled Emperor Aurangzeb, worked on the columns and arches and decorated with a gallery around the building of the Hall of Public Audience.

In the third abroad of Amber Fort situated apartment – entrance through Ganesh Pol, ornamented with mosaics and sculptures. Jai Mandir famous Indian paneling and the ceiling of a plurality of mirrors. Carved marble panels around the room are shown in these amazing graceful patterns in the form of insects and floral motifs.

Quite often, Jaipur Amber fort called “amber”

Since the word «amber» translated from English as “amber”, moreover, walls are saturated yellow. The central part of the fort Amber takes prasadam, multilevel residential building, located close to one- and two-storey pavilions, fully insulated and is a continuation Prasad.

On the territory of the fort there is Sheela Devi temple, which is dedicated to the militant Calais, the goddess of war. To the right of this church there are vast open terrace, all year round, they are inhabited by wild monkeys.

For a trip to Amber fort Jaipur is strongly recommended to take a warm sweater or light jacket because it is located at a high altitude above sea – is quite a strong wind and the air temperature in the morning and at night can drop to 15 degrees.

In addition, be sure to have with sunglasses against sunburn lotion or cream on the burns. Despite the low temperature in the morning and evening hours, during the day the air is heated to the limit and the exposed surface does not allow escape from the scorching hot sun.

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