Visit an unique place – Calcutta Kali Mandir

Calcutta – a relatively young city, it is only a little more than 300 years, and its appearance is connected with the activities of the East India Company.
The main street of the historic part of Calcutta – endless Chow rings, which now bears the name of Jawaharlal Nehru. Once there was thick jungles, which were tigers and leopards, bears and wild boar, buffalo and deer. In the swamps infested with crocodiles, and the neighborhood echoed with the howling of wolves and the cries of monkeys. Walk way imperceptibly wound along the edge of the thickets, and on it were many pilgrims heading to the famous all over the country Kali temple.
Calcutta is the most controversial places in India. It is a world that includes everything: Skyscrapers and shacks, upscale restaurants and the people who prepare their own meals at the stake, luxury hotels and sleeping on the pavement homeless, Japanese and American cars and rickshaws. Speaking of Calcutta Bengalis themselves say everything here – the “most-most” and here only – the most: more than other Indian cities, poets and beggars, dervishes and musicians, merchants and artists…
Calcutta huge silhouettes of modern buildings side by side with the British Victorian buildings. Once it was just a western town with a purely European architecture – even without any admixture of foreign traditions. The British tried to reproduce on Earth the ancient Indian city of good old England, and Calcutta became the place where the West meets the East, and not in a figurative sense.

Calcutta Kali temple – so call their goddess Hindus

At the site of the old village I grew up a proud English city – a symbol of Western civilization, technological progress and aesthetics. But India has absorbed the city mansions of the English style beyond recognition populated time and people, once luxurious buildings turned into something difficult – in some peeling monsters, decayed and dilapidated, not only from an unforgiving run-time, and thus hastily patched modern improvised Indian construction materials production. In Calcutta, for example, often you can see the magnificent portal with columns, from top to bottom are plastered with colorful posters and posters. Calcutta Kali Mandir – the city is not for those looking for the usual tourist recreation and entertainment. Here we have to live more than a month, do not eat a peck of caustic of the local pepper to through the contrasts of wealth and poverty and see the other side of the majestic city – the many-sided and many-armed, his ancient gods. Many people want to visit the famous Calcutta Kali Mandir.
Calcutta – a city dedicated to the goddess Kali, and his name is translated as Calcutta Kali temple, “abode of Kali.” Images of the Goddess looking at you from every shop and house, from every shop and workshop. The largest Kali temple Calcutta- is a massive, two-step pillar grayish-white (its height is about 10 meters). He built relatively recently, in 1809, and the previous temple was a mile away.

Kali temple Calcutta – one of the many incarnations of Parvati – the wife of the god, Shiva

In the depths of the church is the altar on which the head of the goddess Kali, three blood-red eyes on a black face, white teeth and red tongue hanging. On the neck of the goddess – a garland of flowers and a necklace of human heads, and although they are, of course, is not true, all the same becomes somehow not on itself. Calcutta Kali temple is a unique structure.
A lovely, virtuous, giver of blessings, the patroness of family life and the goddess can take many different guises. When on earth multiplied evil, it comes in the form of a terrible but beautiful goddess Durga. But if the goddess of angry strongly appears the worst of its hypostasis – Kali. Then her head rests in heaven, three eyes bloodshot and burning anger on his neck fluttering terrible garland of skulls or severed heads of men. And while Kali is not made drunk with the blood of their victims, no one in the entire universe. Dark nights, no Indian would dare to go to the ghat where heard by their orgies devourer of corpses – companion of the goddess Kali. You must see Kali temple Calcutta.

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