Disease in India: prevention and symptoms

Those who are going to visit India for the first time, you must have the slightest idea of the “Indian bouquet” of disease. We offer our “pioneers” are some tips on what diseases are typical of the east of the country and that it is needful to do to not get sick on the trip.

What you first must to know about the disease in India

The fact is that the official is not required to make any immunizations for a trip to India. Which to some extent it distinguishes this country from, for example, some African countries where a visa can not be obtained without a vaccination certificate, and the sheer number of required vaccinations may be up to eighteen. In India, a lot of travelers lurk quite unpleasant disease, but it doesn”t mean that they can “stick” to the tourist. At the hearing, some of the diseases have long been familiar to our travelers: malaria, cholera vibrio.

However, the Indian subcontinent “rich” and such diseases which our health workers do not even know (and therefore, according to some travelers, it can be assumed that these diseases and the Russian people should not be afraid). We all know that much diseases are lighter to preclude than to try to healing the disease in India after the fact, consequently, we should not forget about prevention. In any case, still it is rather to issue health insurance, so that if the trip (God forbid) still happen to be ill, then the best option, it will appeal to a local doctor. And as doctors’ services are expensive, save on the insurance should not be.


This disease is called Vibrio cholera, which, once in the human body (the small intestine), begins to increase rapidly, thus constantly producing poisons. As a rule, the second – the third day after infection, the disease manifests itself through severe diarrhea and vomiting. The human body, therefore, begins to lose a large amount of liquid (about one liter per hour). Further at the diseased can begin cramps, body temperature falls and pressure, pulse becomes frequent and irregular, disturbed encephalic blood flow, and the patient may fall into a coma or unconsciousness. It is important to remember that in cholera the patient’s body temperature or slightly reduced normal, pain and cramps in the abdomen missing. Treat cholera chloramphenicol and tetracycline antibiotics group. Preventive measures: compliance with the rules of basic hygiene, do not buy products in obscure places, and with it, bathe in authorized places to drink boiled water, pour over already-washed fruits and vegetables in boiling water.


This disease is prevalent in almost all the hot tropical countries. Cause disease mosquito bites, saliva containing Plasmodium falciparum, the causative agent of infection. From the moment of the beginning of human infection, to the first outward symbol of the disease in India can be passed from one week to a month (at a tropical malaria), or even several years. The disease begins to manifest itself with fever, general weakness chills and headache. Prevention: guard insect bites carefully curtain doors and windows with mosquito nets and insect repellents used fumigators. One week before departure, the entire period of the trip and for one month after the return of malaria to take special drugs that are preassigned by the doctor, and the selection of which is based on the geographical area of future travel.

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