Goa beaches hundred kilometer sand

One of the main reasons for visiting Goa beaches. About 100 km of coastline has about 30 beaches. They are separated into North and South best beach in Goa. The onward north or south you are going from the center, the less oftentimes visited beaches meet. Telling details on all the beaches there is no need, I will describe only the most famous of them.

So, my familiarity with the beaches of North Goa’s start from the north – Terekolya, and move to the south – to Aguada.

Beach Terekol wilderness, wild and, in general, is not touched by civilization. Its coast is dotted with small shell rock, and over the goa beaches hanging majestic Fort Terekol, it – the hotel “Heritage”. Perhaps Terekol perhaps the only deserted beach in North Goa. Following Tirakolem bounded by the river of the ditto name, located Arambol beach. Another name of this beach – Harman. To find to the best beach in goa, dotted with fine and whitey sand, we have to go down the narrow path.

The surrounding landscape is a lot of tourist cottages and huts natives, scattered here and there among the big stones and some freshwater lake with red rocky shores. Moved here in recent years, “Open-Air party” make this place more and more popular among the trans-PEOPLE and quite crowded. As for lovers of spiritual self-realization, the yoga center «Yoga Research Centre», organized, by the way, Russian Misha yogis and Zara, is here for a a great while time.

In many kilometers of Mandrem beach fishing villages are located, “cultivated” for tourists. Mandrem Beach is surprisingly clean and nemnogolyuden. A feature of this beach is that along the coastline there are much of natural pools, sea water which heats up during the day. So rent a cottage or house Mandrem recommend to families with children. Its some interval from the main Goan parties.

Ashvem Beach – one of the most fantastical places in North Goa. Only here there is solely one in the north of upscale boutique hotel – “PAPA-DJOLI», whose clients – Russian tourists. Unlike other tusovyh beaches Ashvem simply idyllic peaceful place. Attraction Beach – a kind of street – La Plage, which is disposed on the mass Shekov with varied cuisine. Ashvem also – one of the best places in the north of Goa to practice kiting.

The longitude of the best beach in goa, Morjim – 3 kilometers. Regional points he called «Moscow-beach» for the abundance of Russian tourists spending their holidays in this place. That is why the price of accommodation and eating on the beach Morjim higher than in the rest of North Goa in the order. However, those who once rested on Morjim, be sure to come here again – new houses for visitors, clean sand, the sun and waves. And even turtles, because of which is circumspected to Morjim beach reserve and protected by the state. Iconic locations considered Russian Beach restaurants: “Shanti”, “Bora Bora”, “Tchaikovsky” and “Glavfish”, where every evening show films in Russian translation. Also Morjim beach is suitable for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Anjuna brought many years of popularity, of course, the iconic «Flea market» – «flea market”, which opens here every Wednesday. The territory occupied by this natural market is a few hectares, and the range of goods leads to a culture shock not just random tourists wandered to buy a few souvenirs, but also shopaholics with the experience. On “Flimarkete” You can not buy just anything and everything.

Anjuna is a long beach with lots of restaurants and Shekov periodically flood tide. On Andzhunevsegda crowded – there dwells a European youth who identify themselves as clubbers and ravers, and photographers for many years does not get tired to shoot this entertaining goa beaches. There are also organized in the evening incendiary trance party.

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    A great place for families. Had a chance to visit this wonderful place in the autumn of last year, all were delighted. This landscape of indescribable beauty captivated me forever. I plan to come back here more than once.


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