Harmandir Sahib is one of the main shrine of the Sikhs in India

There is an amazing place which is located on the shores of Lake Amrita Sarai. This place is the Golden temple Harmandir Sahib. The temple is belong as one of the most respected and oldest in India. It is the primary shrine of the Sikhs. Sikh Guru Ram Das dug pond, calling it a source of the elixir of immortality. In honor of this reservoir and the town was named. History Amritsar city has its origins in 1577.

After 10 years the first stone surprising temple was laid, located right in the medium of the pond. In 1604 the church was totally completed, since the originals are kept in manuscripts compiled by Guru Arjan Dev. Harmandir Sahib History know it as well as the Golden Temple. It is a collection religious hymns and guidance on the practice of prayers.This shrine is the most important religious stronghold of the Sikh religion. Many tourists visit it daily

We will tell you the exciting history of Harmandir Sahib in Punjabi

By the temple is quite narrow marble bridge that symbolizes the way from sinful to righteous. Entrance to the sanctuary is open during the whole day. Harmandir Sahib temple has four entrances to welcome pilgrims from different parts of our planet. Among the interesting events in the Harmandir Sahib History is possible to allocate the visit of Nicholas II in 1891. Also, the church was badly damaged in 1984 during a fight with the Indian Army Sikh militants. Then were killed 492 civilians.

In the answer extremists was killed Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India. But the main feature of the temple is its sublime beauty and refined luxury. He truly golden: outside the temple covered with gold plates, which is why it seems that the turrets and windows just cut a whole piece of gold. Extraordinarily beautiful Golden Temple and inside: the walls are decorated with exquisite inlays, gold, precious stones and beautiful ornaments. Leisurely walk around the temple pilgrims.

Harmandir Sahib History began in the 16th century

Golden Temple got its name by chance because of the central dome is lined with copper plates covered with gold leaf. Residents are proud of their city, but above all beautiful and unique Golden Temple. because is the spiritual center for the 20 million Sikhs from all over the world. History of Harmandir Sahib in Punjabi tells us that the temple was built much time before in the late 1700s. Then was restored the option that we can see today. There is a legend that it is gilded dome of 750 kilograms of pure gold. Harmandir Sahib can see people of all faiths. The entrance is required to wash his feet and cover your head colored headscarf.

All are invited to eat for free in the main hall after exploring the interior of the temple. And what is interesting, the food is prepared and served mostly by volunteers only. The main place for excursions and pilgrims is the Golden Temple. It looks like a two-story building, which is located on the roof of a gazebo. In this gazebo day readers re-read passages from the holy book.

Gorgeous nature complements the all of these architectural structures, and presents us with only positive emotions.The history of Harmandir Sahib in Punjabi is grandiose and surprising. Anyone who has visited India is obliged to visit the temple of great beauty. Good impressions will last a lifetime. Golden Temple in Amritsar needs to visit twice: once during the day and one night, when he was beautifully illuminated.

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