Hawa Mahal Jaipur is the building of the divine beauty

In the Indian city of Jaipur, which the Indians call “pink” because of the color of the stone used in the construction of the most old building. There is a beautiful palace Hawa Mahal Jaipur India, where is a large wall in the form of Krishna’s openwork crown. The construction’s date is unknown, but the facts suggest that in 1799 it had already been. Palace of the Winds is dedicated to the god Krishna and its appearance is similar to a crown that adorned his head.

People believed that the appearance of the palace architects tried to make look like a crown, which usually adorn the god’s head. Maharaja ordered the architects to build these facilities, for the beauty of his harem were entertained watching parades and street festivals, without showing their members or idle onlookers. The architectural structure is like a honeycomb, to make here about thousand windows.

Windows, called Jharokhas are a key element of architecture, embellished bars of the superfine work. They were not only an ornament of the palace, but also an integral part of the ventilation system. In the Hawa Mahal constantly kept cool temperature and can be felt as a slight breeze blowing. Because of this, there was a second facility name – “Palace of Winds”.

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India is very bright and mysterious country situated on the economy on a par with Third World countries, and on cultural traditions and customs can be put on a par with European countries. Beautiful nature complements all of these architectural structures, and presents us with positive emotions.

The most famous place in the capital of India, it is the Hawa Mahal. Palace of Winds was built mainly to create a harem Singh. There Raja liked to rest with his large family, especially in summer, when it was possible to hide from the heat in the cool walls of the building. A unique feature of the Hawa Mahal is the total absence of stairs, to go up you can use gentle climbs. To prevent sliding on the floor surface coated special incisions.

The whole building is decorated with various patterns Moorish theme. In the middle are a lot of rooms, each of them has a balcony, covered with a dome. Luxury palace gives a lot of arches, columns, walls paintings. There is a sundial on which the timing accuracy is checked the nearest second. Small windows, small balconies and lace decorations makes this palace a certain lightness and mystery.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur India is a real miracle of architecture

Built in 1799 Hawa Mahal Jaipur India has never been used for permanent residence, in spite of the fact that the interior space is allowed. The windows with colored glass windows with their beauty make an indelible impression on all. This wonderful building is worth a visit for everyone. The building is striking in its unusual architecture. It would seem possible to construct something like that. It is simply inconceivable to our imagination. Just worth enjoy a beautiful view.

Be sure to visit this wonderful place and you will have only wonderful experience of a lifetime.
Sure, we recommend you to visit this beautiful monument of architecture. You will have experience wonderful. Treat yourself and your relatives with a wonderful moment in your life.

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