Iron pillar of Delhi one of the wonders of the East

Scientists have puzzled for years, such as the Iron pillar of Delhi could create, why she had not rusted over so many fivescore, and what explains its medicinal properties. His height – 6.7 meters, diameter of 1.37 meters. At the overhead of the pile is decorated with antique ornaments and resembles a column of the ancient temple. Maybe this post was established thousands of years ago. The most astonishing thing is that he is not subdue to corrosion and destruction. In 1739 it was released a cannonball not post reason the slightest harm. But the blue-black superficies and remains clean, though the height of human increase column color is different – Delhi iron pillar hug and rub against her came palmer and tourists.

How did the ancient masters controllable to create chemically pure iron, as it was possible to cast metal column height of 7 meters and a thickness of girth? Science can not explain it. Some scientists believe the iron column testimony to the long-vanished ancient civilization, while others believe that it is left to commemorate the visit of aliens to Earth. Some investigator have even claimed that the Iron pillar of Delhi – the handiwork of extraterrestrials.

There are many suppose about the descent of the column, many argue that he never made of stainless steely column of meteoric iron, and some suppose that this is the handiwork of aliens!

Iron pillar of Delhi one of the marvels of the East

Standing in the open diameter of the fabulous steel column 0.485 m reaches a elevation of 7 meters and weighs about 6 tons. The superscription on the column reports that it was offer up and situated on the space in the middle of the reign Samandragunty, who lived from 330 380 AD In During the period of over 1600 years, rare ironwork survived. On the visible exterior of the column there is no trace of rust. Until latest it was thought that if the column is laved by the rain and dew, does not rust, it means that it is produced of pure ironwork. Other interpretation are not found. The story of this Delhi iron pillar is in the function of the Central Asian scholar Biruni from 1048 BC.

Fame this column also added the keyword of its enchanting healing properties, relieving people from a number of sickness. It is suppose that he came here on bearing patient enough to stand up, embracing the column, 20-30 minutes to recover.

Theories appearance Delhi iron pillar

Scientists have guide something studies of iron column in Delhi. The hypotheses put forward by the most fabulous. Some investigator have even claimed that the Iron pillar of Delhi – the handiwork of extraterrestrials. For example, British assessor were taken as specimen of small chunk of metal in London for physico-chemical analysis. On incoming in London revealed that the specimen were closed with rust. Soon, a materials Swedish colleagues discovered on the underworld of the pillar area of earnest corrosion. It reverse out that in the acreage of the basement, it hebetate to a profound of 16 millimeters across the diameter. Faith in clean stainless iron has been exploded, but there were other issues.

Long-term pains of Russian researchers identified a number of previously unknown features of this building. For illustration, it inverse out that the basement of the pillar is allotted as a two-sided pyramid (diamonds), it forms an invisible naked eye vertical energy flow that resembles a skied ball blaze height of about 8 meters and a diameter of 2 meters.

These energy fields are observed over the splendid of the pyramids and other places of adore, such as the Orthodox churches, made in the form of pyramids, raised above the ground. Over their central bulbous head iron cross is also not subject to staining if they are ethically installed in the power field.

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