Jaipur fort the most interesting region

The history of the superior city of Jaipur can be drawn back to the XVIII century – the sway the scepter of Jai Singh II, who mount the throne in 1699. Leaving the harsh mountains of Amber in 1727, he decided to establish God’s fool Palace – Jaipur – in a nearby valley. The city became the metropolis of Rajasthan state after the conquest of India’s freedom.

Jaipur Rajasthan India today incarnate the soul of Rajputana. Even as a busy metropolis, it has kept the historical character, combining in his appearance features of ancient and modern. For a a great while time it got the name “Pink City” tribute to the abundant use of pink stone in architecture, from which most of the local built forts, magnificent palaces, carved temples and magnificent gardens. Jaipur was always present the ghost of Rajputana, of the many interpretations which the most noticeable Mogul.

Jaipur Rajasthan India here much of the region’s cultural heritage

City guests prepared many gifts from slim to graphically Hawa Mahal Jantar Mantar, an observation point open-air giant astronomical instruments; shops, restaurants and other places, but lined either sides of the palace-fortress of Amber in Badi; from the beautiful Fountain of life to the sophisticated Birla Temple; from the architectural rapture of the City Palace to placate Jal Mahal, things to do in Jaipur India. Jaipur Rajasthan India – this house artisans who will offer you their products skillful, colorful fabrics, jewelry, precious and semiprecious stones and gems.

Built in 1592, Amber Jaipur fort is located at a interval of 11 km from Jaipur. This is one of the greater attractions of tourists visiting Jaipur. Amber served as the capital of the ruling dynasty Kachwaha to 1037 for 1727 years until it was moved in 1727 to Jaipur. Amber Jaipur Fort is prominent for its elegant artistic style, combining Hindu and architectural forms. Fort with thick walls, is located on a high hill. His visit to the elephant is a popular excursion.

Festival of Indian symbols of wealth, things to do in Jaipur India necessarily

In India, elephants are very respectful for the Indians is the smartest animal is a symbol of richness and strength, so he has an significant part in the traditions and culture. One of those traditions was formerly Elephant Festival, held in Jaipur, and now every spring, residents and visitors can enjoy this colorful spectacle. During the Festival all over the city can meet a lot of illustration of elephants. These amazing animals are involved not only in solemn processions, but in dynamic games such as racing and polo, It is one of things to do in Jaipur India.

City of Jaipur – a wonderful city that is amazing in its beauty and elegance. Here you can feel the spirit of the Indian and understand the uniqueness of this nation. The majestic and beautiful architectural monuments can not be left after the reimburse of Maharajas and colorful festivals attract many people. This town is unique in everything, even that of the entire of India only in Jaipur rickshaw essential to wear uniforms. In addition, there is processed and bounding the highest number of semi-precious stones in the world. So, leaving the Pink City, you can take with them not only the superlative memories, but also a unique jewelry that will remind many years of this unique corner of India.

In the north of Jaipur has a curious abandoned temple, which is now called the Monkey Palace of monkeys living there. Although the addition of monkeys live here also goats, cows, dogs, but such a enormous number of clever banana lovers will not see anywhere else. However, they do not scope themselves to the territory of the temple, monkeys roam safely at all nearby neighborhoods in search of something tasty, so you have to cover the windows at night because of their pranks.

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    Having been in the palace of winds, I was struck by its architectural forms. How everything is thought out to the smallest detail, captures the skill of ancient craftsmen who worked on the construction of this miracle of architecture. I advise anyone who plans to go to India to visit Jaipur. You will not regret.


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