Everyone should visit the Lotus temple Delhi

Attractions in India are not ceases to amaze with their variety and beauty. They were constructed in different times, but it is constantly updated with new masterpieces. One such masterpiece is the Delhi lotus temple. It was build in the area of New Delhi recently and on the right is a modern architectural landmark. The temple in the form of a lotus built in 1986, and today it is very popular among tourists. It should be noted that it is quite successfully competes with world famous attractions that found in India.

Was created a computer model of the temple, the construction lasted six years it involves a large number of people. He is considered the seventh most important temple of the Baha’i religion. White Lotus, known in the East was a kind of inspiration for the creators of the temple. It has the form of this amazing flower. The lotus flower is known for its cleanliness. There is a belief that every person is born pure like a flower.

Most importantly, neither outside nor inside there are no sculptures. Visitors will not see the murals or any other symbolic representations of religious subjects.

Lotus temple New Delhi is a complex architectural construction

The only thing that can be seen under the dome is a sign of Bach. 27 stone petals made of concrete covered with Greek marble, and in the central hall can be accessed through 9 doors. The diameter of the hall is 75 meters, height of 31 meters and can accommodate 1,300 people. Petals arranged in three tiers, each with nine (continue the sentence). Hugest petals made from concrete, their length is 34 meters.

Amazing and some obscure idea of the architect, his name Fariborz Sahba, who decided to portray created by nature, without adding any supplement. Despite the modest decoration of the building it is incredibly beautiful. On the face of the temple resembles a lotus bud, which is not revealed until the end. Another interesting architectural detail is the fact that the structure itself in its design is extremely smooth curves. Bahai Lotus temple New Delhi many call the mother of all temples in the Indian subcontinent.

Its magnificence has earned numerous awards in the field of architecture. Lotus temple Delhi is open to all people regardless of religion. In the church are not priests, and volunteers for a fixed term. Anyone can also go to the Lotus temple Delhi and pray their own. Lotus temple in Delhi was built by followers of the Baha’i religion, which preaches the unity of all religions.

Lotus temple in Delhi it is considered a landmark for the architecture of India

Due to acoustics can be heard even the slightest knock. Visitors come to the temple in groups, which are formed at the entrance. The territory has a museum, which gives an idea of how the construction of the building took place. You can see the layouts, photos and the tools themselves that are used during the construction work. Today the Lotus temple in Delhi is the most visited place, which attracts attention for its unusual architecture and design.

In order to rise to the Lotus temple New Delhi you will need to take off your shoes. Shoes take on storage for free. Over the entrance to the temple with the money you do not take. Inside the temple is very quiet (not allowed talk loudly, to photograph and take video) and cool, thanks to a special ventilation system. The building can simultaneously pray to 1,300 visitors. Around the building is always very crowded and a lot of tourists.
Be sure to visit the temple because there are not so many unique places in the world.

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