Mahabodhi temple a place where Buddhism originated

It should go to the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, a silent and tranquil place in a small but bustling town of Bodh Gaya in Bihar. Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya – one of the most considerable Buddhist sanctity in India; the oldest brick building in the east of the country. The temple was erected ruler Ashoka Maurya Empire in the III century BC in Bodh Gaya on the space where, according to legend, Gautama achieve enlightenment and grow a Buddha. The temple multipurpose also includes a sacred Bodhi tree, part of the altar of King Ashoka and stone with footprints of the Buddha.
It is in their own unique complex visited not only the adherents of Buddhism, but also interested tourists. Distance among the state capital, Patna, distance of 96 km. Get to Bodh Gaya among otherwise parts of the country produced on the plane. The airport is merely 8 km from the city center. Most often fly planes from Calcutta. From the nearby villages tourists get on crowded buses or rickshaws.
Since the Mahabodhi temple had to be excavated out, it is lower than the surrounding surface. The inclination that descend in the guidance of the shrine are covered with grass.

Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, as we know it, is a mandala palace in the traditional Indian style

Mahabodhi not the only Buddhist shrine in the area. There are temples of Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, Burma and Nepal.
Another attraction is the Buddhist colossal 30 meter high statue of Buddha, established in 1989 the Masons. You can attendance the Archaeological Museum with an comprehensive assemblage of antiquities found in the ambit of this region.Bodhisattva – a god-like beings who have achieved the heights of perfection and won the right to plunge into nirvana. But out of sympathy for the people they abandoned it.
Climbing the stairs, you can get into the inward of which is illuminated at the inlet of the huge lamps. In the sanctuary, a sculpture of Buddha in meditation. Initially, the image was made in black stone, but now the figure is gilded and turned with respect the east.Beside him is growing descendent of the sacred Bodhi tree, in whose shadow meditate Siddhartha Gautama, when he obtained the wakening from sleep of ignorance.
Now Bodhgaya Mahabodhi monastery – one of the four most substantial pilgrimage sites associated to the life of the Buddha Sakyamuni. It built churches and monasteries of many Buddhist traditions of the world and owner the annual Buddhist rituals and celebrations, gathering followers of Buddha.
Mahabodhi monastery mandala – is not only a vivid monument of Buddhist architecture, the sacred meaning of it – serve as the lower regions of the higher perception of the Buddha, the luminous energy of binding inside and out, prompting the enlightened potential.

Inside the Mahabodhi monastery “remains” Sakyamuni Buddha: his huge statue located in the central hall

Externally, the architecture of the palace Mahabodhi monastery described in circumstance in the tantric texts and schematically depicted in tanks, replete with numerous balconies and garlands. However, such a variety of decor is not the whim of the architect. Each element has a particular meaning. It is connected, as a rule, with the qualities and perfect attributes of Buddhas and their aspects.
The height of over 50 meters soaring church in the form of four-sided cone-shaped tower surrounded by pyramidal towers on each side, crowned with a stupa. The main entrance is traditionally located in the east. Square plan, the temple is encircled by a moat anhydrous stone – a symbol of unbreakable fence, as described in the text.
Be sure to extract your footwear when you enter a religious temples. Shoes can carry, put in a bag or bundle, or keep it in the designated place.

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