Mumbai Metro map is a subway system helping the city of Mumbai.

The scheme is allotted to decrease traffic accumulation in the town and add the crowded rail network suburbanites Mumbai. It will be builted in three stage above a 15-year age with destroy conclusion prospective in 2021. When utter, the main system will include three rail metro line performance, covering in total. Side one of the Mumbai metro map is operated Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL).

Building work set out in February 2008. A prosperous trial run was carry out in May 2013, and the onset line of the system came into operation June 8, 2014, whilst some facet of the design and lamented the delays built into trouble.

Mumbai – the fiscal and gainful metropolis of India. It is amongst the largest towns in the universe with a complete population of the metropolitan square of better than 20 million since 2011 and the population increase stake of about 2% per year. Mumbai has the choose of a high conditional impart of the public (88%) in kindness of the social system of mass transport. The existing railway commuters Mumbai carries 7 million passengers a day and added electricity Brihanmumbai, and ship the best autobus system, which grant the rider going to the station to passengers, to assume them to total their trip. However, due to geographical constraints of the city and rapid population increase, the development of road and railroad infrastructure has not been capable to carry pace with the cultivation demand in the recent 4-5 dickers. In addition, the Suburban Railway Mumbai, although far reaching, is not constructed to the specifications of high-speed transport. The main conceive of the Mumbai Metro is to trimming a bulk rapid through services to populace within a alienate of approach betwixt 1 and 2 kilometers, and to inure areas not related to the existing exurban rail chain.

The Government of Maharashtra across the MMRDA, to improve traffic and transport continuity in Mumbai and oblige to the needs of future travel in the next 2-3 decades, start off to explore the health of various alternative public transport systems that are forceful, economically viable and atmosphere friendly. In this setup, a detailed possibility study was transport out underneath the Indo German technical cooperation, entrusting the work TEWET counseling in collaboration from DE-Consult and TCS, while 1997-2000. The investigation recommended that the public transport transit from Andheri to Ghatkopar perhaps bankable and frugally viable after researching many alternative hallway and alinement. This study was recent in May 2004. MMRDA Meanwhile, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has willing a overwhelm plan for the Mumbai metro map, what they recommended to expand the section on Andheri-Ghatkopar Versovu as part of the artisan plan and distinguish as a order of precession for the realization of the aisle. The state administration announced the design as “public infrastructure project life” and is defined as the MMRDA Project Implementation Agency (PIA). The foreman plan submitted by MMRDA in 2004 covered a total of tracks that would be underground. Mumbai Metro was suggested to be builted in three gradations at an assumed watch of 19,525 crore. In 2010, MMRDA has revised the estimated construction costs for the nine lines.

In 2011, MMRDA has presented plans for an expanded Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ subway line. According to his earlier plans, 20 km Colaba-to-Bandra metro branch had to be built, running substratum for of Colaba to Mahalaxmi, and thereat raised the following from Mahalaxmi to Bandra. However, MMRDA has decided to augmentation the item of passengers on the line, driving them past the Bandra international airport Chatrapati Shivaji.

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