How to receive from Mumbai to Goa

God knows we have long understood. To gather information on all possible modes of transport. And even studied Indian trains, which are legendary. In short, the article is required reading for anyone who is nominating a tour to India, he wondered how to get of mumbai to goa flights.

So you’re in Mumbai and need to get to the golden beaches of Goa without breakdown, discouragement and forces, then use mumbai to goa flights. Consider some of the majority pop options. If you are familiar with some creative ways. To begin with, we note that the spacing between Mumbai to Goa is 590 km.

From mumbai to goa flights dozens of local airlines: GoAir, IndiGo, Jet Airways and others. Feel free to come in on their official website and book tickets. They differ in price and excellence of maintain, but with little time to fly, so why pay more? So, the main train point Mumbai – Chhatrapati Shivaji (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) – the day is two to three mumbai to goa train. If you do not psalterium your tickets in promotion (you can do this on Sleartrip), the best version – to come to the station and buy it in tourist hand.

When will you go to the exchange building, then on the freedom hand you will see a few banks, a number of which will stand the whole string of Indians, no end in view. Especially for foreigners on the second floor has a travel desk where tickets are sold on a quota for traveling.

The mumbai to goa train will be 8-10 hours. Also, in India, there is those a thing as «waiting list» (Eng. »Wait» – wait) – a waiting roster. This remedy that the buyer must pay the full cost of the ticket and wait to sight if the free space on the train. If someone pass the ticket, it can be received in turn. Sometimes in waiting lists “stuffed” tens and even hundreds of people. If you are in the top ten, and before the departure is a week or more, the break of getting a ticket there. In other occasion – they are small.

When buying a ticket to be entered on a waiting list is issued a travel document from the PNR number in the overhead left nook that does not warranty a place, but it ensures that you can ride this train. The only question is – how.

Check, if you are hit from the anticipation list to the list of passengers in several ways:

– At the station, arriving in advance. Better – two hours afore the train parting. Go to the cashier Ticket confirmation (Ticket Confirmation) / reference lists or look waiting list on a special stand.

– Via the Internet, online, page Passenger / PNR Status. Entering the number of tickets, PNR, and ready.

Do not despair. You have two options. You can return the ticket. Returned to almost the full cost, net of taxes (20 rupees). The second way. Formally your ticket paid for, and you can safely go on the train, in general the car. However, a high probability that you will not have seating. And all would do, but the trains Indian – original phenomenon. Major often in the general class of cars stuffed a bunch of people. Surely you have seen and frames from any movie where the Indians swarmed the car, even go on the roof, appear from the vestibule … And what to do in this country live almost 1 billion 300 million people. Plus the tourists. And even if the high season or holidays in the country.

In general, if you require to know deeper and fuller life “mere mortals”, open to experimentation, is not burdened with valuable luggage – the total car doors are open for you. Wow, already captures the spirit, when you imagine this trip! Out of the total will be to try to stride to the «sleeper» (the door between them, unlike other cars, not closed). We do this experience behind him there, so give further advice will not. However, it is interesting to read about someone’s experience of travel in the general coach of the mumbai to Goa train.

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