Nilgiri Mountain Railway is one of the exotic trips to India

Nilgiri Mountain Railway is the oldest in India. It connects the city Metupalayam with Udhagamandalam station, which lies high in the mountains Nilgiriyskih. The mountain railway is located in the south, in Tamil Nadu. Travel the narrow-gauge road laid in 1908 by the British colonizers this flight to the heights of the mountains through the narrow bridges and tunnels, past forests and tea plantations, valleys and slopes. Due to the strong bias path between the rails are laid toothed racks, thanks to which the trains are able to climb the steep slopes.

This design is called rail-gear system and used on railways rarely and only in mountainous areas with steep slopes. On the way to the mountains is better to sit on the left side and then they will often offer beautiful views. The train climbs at an average speed of 10 km / h and shows to passengers panoramic views of the tea plantations, dense forests, lush valleys and the villages of the Blue Mountains. Along the way, the train makes several short stops, where people can get out and walk a little.

Passengers protrude from the windows, sit in the open air at the entrance of the carriages and a large part of the road screaming with delight, despite the fact that the journey up lasts five hours. By the way, the train descends quickly, in just three and a half. During this time, you get the indescribable delight from the painting, which will see. The railroad is unsurpassed in its reliability and the level of comfort the vehicle, which for past two hundred years firmly widespread almost all countries. It’s also an inexhaustible source of experiences, discoveries and knowledge. And it is an opportunity to plunge into the exciting world of intrigue, adventure, exotic.

The name means Nilgiri Blue Mountains. Tea plantations are located among eucalyptus trees and cypress trees, curving rivers and waterfalls, at a height of 30 to 2000 m above sea level. Nature in the Blue Mountains is characterized generosity. Tea plantations stretched here on all the slopes and valleys, in every corner, the ability to bring the harvest. All this picturesque beauty you can see during the trip via Nilgiri Mountain Railway.
Nilgiri mountains have a history stretching back far into the past. It is not known why they were called “Blue Mountains”. Some sources refer to the fact that the name was given because of the ever enveloping the area of dense fog. At the same time, other sources say that the name Ridges received because of the flower, which blooms once in twelve years giving the slopes a bluish tinge. Serpentine narrow mountain roads on steep slopes and spectacular gorges winds through dense forest.

Colder and it becomes easier to breathe on the rise with every meter. The climate and soil are favorable for the growth of tea. The British founded a plantation back in the middle of the XIX century. Tea plantation in India occupies 400 thousand hectares. Half of the harvest gives Assam. On the Nilgiri collect too much about 1/5 of the total Indian tea. Of the 60 thousand kilometers of 46-kilometer Nilgiri Mountain Railway is definitely the most interesting. The old locomotive overcomes the narrow bridges, squeezed into the tunnels, passing over the abyss through the dense forest and along the tea plantations. In the front car sits person, who braking, it shall inform the engineer of the obstacles on the roads.

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