Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link is a magnificent constitution that is essential to the country’s communication

Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link rises from the gray-blue waters and stretches for 5.6 km, connecting two densely populated district of Mumbai, India’s financial capital in the Arabian Sea. It disappearing in the low overhanging clouds two main supports are a real work of art that fascinates its beautiful sight. Bandra-Worli Sea Link is the longest freeboard bridge in India. The first open sea bridge in India, the full name of which sounds like the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, it is a miracle of art rope engineering, which marks a new era in the development of the country’s infrastructure.

The construction is supported by 424 steel cables that can withstand loads of up to 900 tons with its seismic threshold of 8 on the Richter scale, which makes it one of the most reliable in the world. On The construction of this bridge took 10 years, it took about 40 000 tons of steel, 90,000 tons of concrete, the bridge weighs 270,000 tons and its cost is 327 million US dollars. Its grand opening, which was accompanied by the presence of many influential people from across the country, took place in 2010.

High-speed eight-lane highway, located at a height of nine meters above the water, rests on two main pillars, each of which is equivalent to a 43-storey building, and 180 steel piers that can endure the onslaught of stormy waves. The bridge also includes two hanging cable span a length of 500 meters on the north side and the second 350 meters long on the south side, to allow the passage of fishing vessels under the bridge. This bridge, which was conceived in 1963, includes the most modern security systems, including electronic surveillance system at the top and under the bridge.

Bandra–Worli Sea Link is reliable modern building which amazes everyone by its beauty

Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link has multiple lanes and opened exclusively for passenger cars and trucks. Two-wheeled and three-wheeled transport to move around over the bridge is prohibited because of the strong winds blowing from the open expanse of the Arabian Sea.
The construction of the project was attended by 3,000 experts from 11 countries, including China, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, and even Serbia and Switzerland. The emergence of this structure greatly simplified the life of motorists and almost 10 times reduced the travel time between districts Bandra and Worli.

The distance of eight kilometers between suburban Bandra and Worli in the central part of the city, which used to take 60-90 minutes during morning and evening rush hours, can now be overcome in just 6-8 minutes. Bandra-Worli Sea Link is equipped with modern technical equipment and the most protected from possible natural disasters. With the help of video cameras is carried out strict monitoring of compliance with the speed. The bridge is a landmark in the city, and certainly worthy of special attention.

Every year, for 5 days, from July 1 to 5, Drivers can drive through the bridge for free. The rest of the year with the drivers has taken a fee, depending on the gravity of the vehicle and its load. But in spite of this the inhabitants of Mumbai are very glad that now there is this bridge. It is much eased their lives. This bridge can withstand very strong earthquakes and strong gale speeds of up to 125 km per hour, peak in this part of the Konkan coast. Even the high six-meter waves do not disturb the traffic on the roadway.

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