Taj Mahal in India the above all famous sanctuary of love

Taj Mahal Agra India – the mausoleum-mosque, where is the Taj Mahal located in India on the shore of river Yamuna. In its outer emerging it resembles a stately sanctuary, but in fact it is a mausoleum construct in reputation of the second squaw of Shah Jahan – Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Bano differently Begum).

The background of the Taj Mahal in India remedy Crown of the Mughals. For others time it was both called the Taj Bibi-as-Rauza or the obsequies place of the Queen of hearts. According to an old banderole, Prince Guram, the future Shah Jahan, once the market saw the poor girl. Looking into her eyes, he forth with agreed to receive her to his wife. So in 19 years, Arjumand Bano Begum acquired the status of second wife of Prince Guram. Guram have been many other wives and concubines, only it was a away back time Mumtaz won the gist of the future ruler.

During the conformity of the throne Mumtaz was the most faithful associate of the Prince. But the fight was serious: the prince opposed his brothers, and also had to hide from his own father Jahangir. Yet in 1627 Guram manage to profit the throne and receive the status of Shah Jahan – the hakim of the world.

Mumtaz occupied an considerable place in the essence of the government. Shah Jahan arranged in her honor different methods and feasting. Mumtaz was present at all important national ceremonies, listened to her even at the State Council.

Taj Mahal Agra India is really a very glorious building.

Specific facts about the life and demise of Mumtaz in different sources are confused, that eventually made them a legend. So Mumtaz produce birth to nine or thirteen children, and departed in 1636 or 1629. Putao and the cause – one of them she was sick for different died within natality. Much arrive down to the certain that this occasion took place beneath the return victorious from the Deccan. Legend also has it that afore the downfall of Mumtaz asked her consort to build a entombment, equal to their love.

Initially, the queen buried in Burhan-Nur, where she died. Six months afterward, her tailings were accepted to Agra. And on the jubilee of the collapse of Shah Jahan started of the mausoleum.

No description, photos and videos can not transmit the true goodliness of this building. Architecture construction passes a compound of Indian, Persian and Islamic architectonics. The city walls at the angle are framed towers pavilions. In the center stands the building tombs in iridescent colors hinge on the light. At night it seems blindingly white, and during the flood all this beauty is reflected in its smooth flow.

Where is the Taj Mahal located in India?

Taj Mahal Agra India, which did not change its name, but it has grow a kind of focus, which significantly improved the well-being of close areas. On three hand of the building circled by a park. The frontage of the mansion of marble portal adjacent to the sides with two dome towers. On the central spindle of the mausoleum in forefront of the front elevation is an irrigation canal, shared pool. From the pool to the side four minarets stretched tracks, which are due to suicide cases access was closed.

The feeling of lightness of the building from a spacing, and reinforces his decoration at a closer look. So the backstop are dyed with a thin design, inlaid with precious calculus marble blocks, shimmering in the light. It appear that this building was erected recently. No astonishment that on the next legend, Shah Jahan regulated to maim off the handheld of the architect, so he could not repeat the like.

The walls are ornamented with tessellation from stones. They are woofed into a multiplicity of plants, garlands of flowers, letters. The arches arches painted fourteen suras from the Koran.

Taj Mahal in India, where is the Taj Mahal located in India, the famous memorial of love, has long grow a symbol of this country. This is someone of the extremely popular attractionsn amidst tourists, apparition the eternal love fable in stone.

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