Vaccinations for India are very important

There are no official regulations on special India travel vaccination. Be vaccinations for India or not to do – it’s a personal decision of every traveler. If the trip takes place in the framework of the standard tour, the India vaccinations are not required. If the tourist is going to India for a longer period: three months and longer, consider some of the recommendations.

So, not too much to uphold yourself and get vaccinated against hepatitis “A”. A single vaccination provides immunity for 12 months, two time – for ten years. Vaccinations for India, depending on the travelers’ plans.

In India, as in all countries of the region, there is malaria. India travel vaccinations, do not include injections of malaria because these vaccines do not exist. For such cases, there is prevention, which involves taking specific drugs. For example, mefloquine who drink one time per week on a tablet in the same day of the week. If the traveler intention to visit the area where there is malaria, the pills must be taken for six days before the trip. If this has not been done, the tablets are accepted every day for three days and then once every six days. The drug was continued for four weeks after departure the dangerous area.

Many medical websites promoting a large number of supposedly necessary India vaccinations

India vaccinations in the amount of ten pieces as indicated in the advertising of certain medical institutions, can not protect the traveler. Such a large number of vaccines could significantly undermine the human immune system and cause great harm to health. Any traveler, ask a question: do we need vaccinations in Goa, you can answer that in any country you must comply with sanitary regulations. Only if a person complies with the rules of personal hygiene, it can be calm for their health.

If the traveler is going for a long time to live in remote and disadvantaged areas of India, then it should consider the following vaccinations: hepatitis “A”, mentioned above, from typhoid fever, rabies, meningitis, polio.

Everyone who India travel vaccinations obliged to receive

Fever – a disease of “dirty hands” and arises because of non-compliance with hygiene measures. Most often fever is during the rainy season. For prevention developed special tablets which, unfortunately, have several unpleasant side effects. Therefore, the best option is considered to be vaccinated. Immunity after a single injection lasts for five years.

Before a trip to Goa, vaccination in opposition rabies is needed for those who plan to deal with the animals. It must be keep in mind that the vaccine is effective only for three months and if there is a bite from an animal, it will still be necessary course of injections from the disease. However, if the vaccination is done, this course will not be as long.

Polio – sometimes occurring disease in India. Its prevalence no more than in the European countries. If a traveler like to play it safe, you can make such vaccination. But we must take into account the likelihood of complications and allergic reactions are common and are not uncommon.

Meningitis – a disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets from infected people. There are experts who advised to be vaccinated against the disease.

If the traveler is sent to India to visit these countries in South America or South Africa, it is necessary to find out if a vaccination against yellow fever. Help about this India travel vaccinations is needed for presentation at the inlet to the event that the traveler is in these countries in six days, crossing the border to India.

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