Virupaksha temple beautiful and worth a visit

Virupaksha Temple – a Hindu shrine inclined in the city of Hampi, and faithful to Shiva, prominent here under the name of Virupaksha. He was the husband of the local queen Pampa, is cooperating with the stream Tungabhadra. Hampi is a South Indian state of Karnataka and is 350 kilometers from the state capital of Bangalore by the river Tungabhadra. Earlier this homestead was the city, whichsoever is the capital of the Hindu Empire. Who of the town there were only ruins, but the Virupaksha temple Hampi continues to rise amid the ruins of multitudinous temples of the former capital and still is one of the local religious buildings used for adore and now.

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The backward of the Virupaksha Temple Hampi

Hampi Virupaksha temple history can be abducted back to the 7th centenary. The study found there inscriptions that mention Shiva revealed that they pertain to the 9-10 centuries. Long before the casting of the city at this place existed religious building. However, the primary part of the shrine summation was assemble in the days of empire. It was further that a small tabernacle on the space of a shrine complex has grown.

The Muslim conquerors systematically attacked and destroyed Hindu architectural monuments, and in the 16th century below the pressure of their Empire fell. In 1565 the Muslims destroyed the city but Virupaksha cult Pampa has not stopped its existence and continues to live today. Virupaksha Temple Hampi remained the same as in ancient times. In the early 19th century, the sanctuary regained the northerly and eastern gate towers in the temple enclosure – Gopuram and re-painted the soffit of the sanctuary. Maintain in good condition, historical and archaeological sites – is the clef to the influx of a large number of tourists, and hence the increase in income generated from the state treasury.

The framework of the Virupaksha temple aggregate

Hampi Virupaksha temple summation compose of a main temple and the contiguous other edifices, such as entrance gates, columns arcade, small shrines, outdoors and other buildings. The main temple is submitted by the sanctuary, three adjoined houses of covered hall with columns and an outdoor area with columns. East Gate Tower – stands at 50 meters and has as many as 9 levels. It has a two-tier stone base and brick superstructure. Through these gates the traveler enters the outer court, where the number of minor shrines. After transit through the smaller easterly gate, you enter the courtyard, where there are several small temples. The sanctum was constructed in such a method that the Tungabhadra river current across a narrow channel temple kitchen and finds a way out in the outer courtyard.

Hampi Virupaksha temple and is very popular at the moment

How is divided on a concretion plaque in 1510 under his direction it commence construction of the most exquisite temple construction – a central pillar halls at the induction to the outdoors of the sanctuary. There are services, which account for Hindus. Daily pilgrims come here from all behind the domain and the world. To get to the sanctuary with the prior rays of the sun, they have to disburse the night on the road. The first consists of hermits – sadhus and then the pilgrims. To get to the temple, it is needful to overcome the 700-meter road. It plurality many second festivals and celebrations. One is a jamboree faithful to the wedding Virupaksha and Pampa, which takes place in December.

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