Where to travel in India off one’s own bat

To go alone in India is a great idea for those who are willing to understand himself as he or she really is. This country is in the subtropical zone so there are regular monsoons. First you must determine which region of India you are planning to relax. India is a very big country and has a lot of interesting places that are quite far from each other. Important is the climate and seasonality. For example, in the south of India in the summer is a heavy rains, in the center is a very hot summer, in the north is enough cold in the winter.

Depending on whether in which period you decide to travel your route may change dramatically. For the beginning you should read the information how to travel in India. Our article will help you to understand many details how do people travel in India.

India can be divided into three parts is the central, north and south. The center of the country you can visit from September to June. In summer it is very hot. The rainy season is from June to August, the rains are not everywhere, often intermittent rain. In the south is the tropical climate, smooth warm weather all year round. The main season is from October to May, the monsoon from June to August going heavy rains. North India is a picturesque region where you will get into a fairy tale. Himalayan mountains, peaceful atmosphere is all there is here. The best time to visit North India is from April to October.

The useful information about how to travel in India

Not worth taking on a journey through India a lot of things. You will come in handy clothes made of cotton and linen. But if you plan to travel in the winter, or are going to go high in the mountains, several warm sweaters will incidentally. By the way, everything you need can be purchased at Indian markets stuff there high quality and inexpensive. India is a rather big country: nearly three thousand kilometers from north to south and almost the same from east to west. Therefore it is necessary carefully plan what you want to see and where to travel in India. Let’s start with beach recreation. Comfortable beach to relax is only two in India this is a famous state of Goa and the less well-known Kerala.

These beaches are clean and are popular among foreign tourists. Kerala is the best place for Ayurvedic treatments. In these places you can see a lot of interesting, exciting and the surprising. This country surprises with its measured rhythm of life. Residents of India are not hurry.

We will tell you how do people travel in India by yourself

Many tourists want to visit the Himalayas. Dharamsala is one of the most popular places in the Himalayas. Here is the residence of the Dalai Lama. There are also many kinds of courses from the course of Indian culinary art to manufacturing jewelry. The most convenient for the tourists are the western Himalayas, because to them the easiest way to get from Delhi.

Rishikesh is a city located near from the Himalayas it is filled with energy and at the same calm time… Yoga classes, walks through the jungle, the temples, and the conversation with the sadhu simply must visit for anyone who wants to know India!

India is huge and diverse. This country has a lot of interesting things including the beautiful buildings that are striking in their beauty. Each state has its own mentality, its own rules. India has such an original, colorful, not systemic and has different striking natural beauty. Many tourists prefer to travel to India only because of its beauty and strangeness. And where to go to India will not be exact a problem. After reading our article you have learned how do people travel in India. Many tourists after visiting this country got an unforgettable experience. Another interesting location where to travel in India is a city of Bodhgaya.

Place of Buddha’s enlightenment, dozens of monasteries which are built by Buddhists around the world. The place is very interesting. Nearby there is Sarnath is the place of the first preaching of the Buddha. This is where you can relax body and soul. Appeasement only contributes to this situation. Let go of all the problems and enjoy a pleasant holiday. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture this beauty forever.

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