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Many of the attractions of India travel blog, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among them are the grotto temples of Ajanta, cave temples of Elephanta Island, the cave temples of Ellora, the Taj Mahal, the many glorious churches in Goa, Hampi monuments, Qutub Minar, and others.

Another will tell you India travel blog about curious tourists like to visit the temples of Khajuraho, which are widely known for their erogenous sculptures. Scientists are still arguing about the true destination Khajuraho with erotic sculptures of intimate scenes in various poses. As participants represented obscenities even animals.

In our best Indian blog we will tell you about the food

The mood weather changes all the time: warm summer, wet monsoons postmussonny period and cool winters. In best Indian blog, you can discover at the national sport called “Kusti” – a traditional form of wrestling in the mud, which is very popular with the locals, because the competition for several millennia. In the last paragraph, the art Kushti began to decline.

More and more people prefer the traditional wrestling on the mat. Everyone knows that best Indian blog cuisine uses a huge amount of spices and herbs, but traditional dishes in each region of the country have their own uncommon techniques and cooking methods.

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